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Insulin pumps

We are the leading Diabetes Center in the state for use of technology to assist in the treatment of diabetes.  We have the most up to date specialists the have conducted many clinical trials, published in leading journals, presented at major conferences and conduct educational seminars for health care professionals throughout Arkansas, the United States and North America.  You can be confident that our team of doctors and physician assistants will review your current insulin pump data, assess your overall control, identify any issues that may be leading to hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia and recommend changes that can help get you on the right track to taking better control of your diabetes and insulin pump.

Would I be a candidate for an insulin pump?

Type 1 and insulin-requiring Type 2 patients who are unable to achieve acceptable glucose control despite insulin intensification. • Elevated A1C. • Glucose variability. • Recurrent hypoglycemia, nocturnal hypoglycemia, activity-induced hypoglycemia and hypoglycemia unawareness. • Pregnancy/Pre-pregnancy. • Recurrent diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA)/recurrent hospitalizations. • Dawn phenomenon. • Gastroparesis. • Patient preference, meal-timing flexibility and normalization of lifestyle. • Low insulin requirements (not easily measured via syringe).

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Closed Loop Insulin Pump Systems

The groundbreaking change in technology that began with the FDA approval of the first artificial pancreas Medtronic 670G is now available for qualified patients at our center. This system has now been FDA approved for patients with type 1 diabetes age 7 and above.  The world's first hybrid closed loop system that constantly self-adjusts to keep your sugar level in range. Our leading team of specialists was involved in the research trials that brought this technology to the market.  Our Center was one of only 8 centers in the US to be granted early access to this system prior to it coming to the general market.  Our specialists at ADEC were the first in the state to use the artificial pancreas system. Dr. Thrasher is  currently educating other healthcare professionals on the use of this system  throughout the United States. Dr. Thrasher also also sits on the Data Monitoring Board which oversees all of the Medtronic Closed Loop Clinical Trials.  If you are interested in the Hybrid Closed Loop System (Medtronic 670G) call for an appointment today. 

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Continuous Glucose Monitoring

We have the expertise with helping you find the right continuous glucose system for you whether it be the newly approved first ever implanted CGM Senseonics Eversense,


Dexcom G6,  Dexcom G5 or the Freestyle Libre which are now approved for Medicare patients in addition to most commercial insurance plans.

The Endocrine Society recently issued a Clinical Practice Guideline recommending continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) as the gold standard of care for adults with Type 1 diabetes.  CGMs are primarily used to help in the management of Type 1 diabetes, although the devices can be useful for people with Type 2 diabetes, as well. 

"Studies have found that people with Type 1 diabetes who use CGMs are able to maintain better control of their blood sugar without increasing episodes of hypoglycemia when blood sugar drops to dangerous levels, compared to those who self-monitor blood glucose with periodic fingersticks,” said Anne L. Peters, MD, of the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine.  “Scientific evidence supports the use of CGM technology in individuals with Type 1 diabetes whose blood sugar is above the targeted level as well as those whose blood glucose is well managed.”

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Insulin therapy

Are you struggling with getting control or having wide fluctuations in your glucose on you current insulin therapy?

 Our highly experienced specialist can help you get the most out of your insulin therapy. They will assess your current control and formulate an action plan and bring back some normalcy in your life. Call today for an appointment.

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Type 2 Diabetes

Do you have type 2 diabetes and just can't seem to get the control you are expecting from you current oral and or injected therapy?  

Call to see one of our specialists at ADEC today for an evaluation and care plan to understanding your diabetes and making the most out of your therapy.

for more read this article published in the american journal of medicine by our Dr. James Thrasher

Personalized visits

Do you feel alone with your diabetes therapy or just can't get anybody to listen? 

Our specialists at ADEC will sit down with you and listen, explain the process that is going on with your diabetes and together formulate a plan to help you get back on track.  Call 501-666-3666.

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